Steamclean Express: Keeping You Sylvan Lake Carpets clean! Red Deer, AB

Steamclean Express: Keeping You Sylvan Lake Carpets clean! Red Deer, AB


1) Vacuum Regularly:  You want to vacuum 1-2 times a week depending on family size and how many pets you have.  You want to vacuum in different directions to ensure you’re getting up all the dirt.  You also want to focus mainly on high traffic areas like entry ways and hallways, these areas contain the most dirt.  Vacuum slow, by doing this you’ll pick up more dirt.

2) Stain Removal:  You always want to get a stain out as soon as it happens.  This will make sure the stain doesn’t set in or soak into the carpet pad.

3) Professional Carpet Cleaning:  Getting your carpets cleaned will improve indoor air, get out all the dirt and bacteria living in the carpets, and will remove any stains that you couldn’t get out.

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Spot Cleaning

Many spots come out with our regular cleaning process.  Some stubborn spots, such as red dye stains, grease spots, and others, require more specialized attention. 

If a person used the wrong chemical (in this case, an oxidizer, which many household spot removers will use), that person would set the dye stain, making it impossible to remove.

Education, Training and Certification in Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning

Steamclean Express is a member of the INSTITUTE OF INSPECTION, CLEANING AND RESTORATION (IICRC) (now known as Clean Trust) and participates in the carpet cleaning educational programs provided to advance our industry and the professional knowledge of our skilled technicians and staff members.

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