Steam Clean Express: Water Damage Cleanup - Mold Remediation / Removal, Red Deer, February 2017

Steam Clean Express: Water Damage Cleanup - Mold Remediation / Removal, Red Deer, February 2017

Water Damage Cleanup - Mold Remediation / Removal

Water Damage Cleanup: Mold Remediation / Removal, Centerville, Nebraska

Mold growth in the home or office can have a range of negative effects. Accordingly, it’s important to have an effective strategy in place to remove mold and prevent it from coming back. Steam Clean Express can help customers in Red Deer and Central Alberta to fight mold wherever it might be found. The staff can also address a variety of issues, from water damage cleanup to fire restoration. This is made possible by comprehensive training as a well as a real dedication to meeting customer needs.

What Is Mold Remediation? 

Addressing mold in the home is a multi-tiered problem that entails a comprehensive strategy. Remediation involves knowing where moisture tends to accumulate, assessing just how many areas need to be treated, and finally formulating a plan of attack. Water Damage Cleanup is also crucial to the remediation process, as is controlling the source of the initial water damage.

Health Risks Associated With Mold

Along with damage to your property, mold can also have a serious impact on your health. People with sensitivities to mold may experience a number of symptoms, such as red and irritated eyes, congestion, headaches, and itching skin. It’s also possible to have more severe reactions if mold allergies are present. These can include shortness of breath and continual cold and flu-like symptoms.

Removal Vs. Remediation

While mold remediation involves keeping mold levels at a minimum, removal of any affected materials may also be necessary. Mold can infiltrate the deepest levels of porous materials, and as a result it may return over and over. While cleaning can be beneficial in some instances, areas more prone to the growth of mold should undergo removal and replacement by a water damage cleanup company.

Call Steam Clean Express if you experience any mold issues in your home. Our certified technicians are well trained and gladly assist you.

To ensure all carpets are cleaned to an optimum, Steam Clean Express use only truck-mounted steam cleaning systems operated by certified carpet cleaning technicians. We also employ the following 3 step cleaning procedure:  First, we pre-spray all carpets & chairs with a high quality cleaning solution, we then Steam Clean the carpets & chairs with fresh soft water (temperature range 210-230 F), and finally we apply fiber rinse neutralizer which helps keep the soil build-up to a minimum.  Less soil buildup means better looking carpets and less carpet wear. Please note we have just purchased a new truck mounted cleaning system.  State of the art technology offers more heat for the cleaning water, and greater suction, which equates to better over-all cleaning and drying time.

Steam Clean Express is fully insured and bonded and only uses certified technicians to do the actual carpet cleaning.  We are locally owned & operated, and have been doing business in Red Deer for 23 years.