Steam Clean Express: How to Carefully Vacuum Your Premium Rug, Red Deer, AB, March 2017

Steam Clean Express: How to Carefully Vacuum Your Premium Rug, Red Deer, AB, March 2017

How to Carefully Vacuum Your Premium Rug

One way to accomplish this is by vacuuming both regularly and properly. When neglected, a dirty rug will show signs of untimely wear from dirt on the surface of the rug settling down into the pile and accumulating. To prevent lifting damage and the spreading of dirt, vacuum in the direction of the pile. Take special care when vacuuming the edges and particularly the fringe


In almost all instances, regular vacuuming of an Oriental rug with an electric vacuum cleaner is good for the rug–a dirty rug wears prematurely, and regular vacuuming helps prevent dirt on the surface of the rug from filtering down into the pile where it can accumulate and cause increased wear. Still, be careful with a cleaner equipped with a power brush or “beater bar”; these powered brushes in the vacuum head help the vacuum do a good job on machine-made carpeting, but they cause a raking effect on the top layer of an Oriental rug’s pile if used too strenuously. If your vacuum cleaner has a power brush, use it only occasionally and lightly on your Oriental rug. For routine cleaning, use just the plain vacuum nozzle. This is especially important for fringes; try not to run an upright vacuum or a power brush attachment over fringes. The brush shreds the fringes and causes rapid wear. Frequently fringes get caught and chewed up by the rotating mechanism of the brush.

Vacuuming in the direction of the pile will help to prevent additional dirt and dust from settling farther into the pile. Vacuuming against the direction of the pile or sideways will brush and lift the pile. We recommend that you vacuum in at least two directions, starting with moving in the direction of the pile. Limit how often you vacuum the fringe, particularly if your vacuum has a brush or beater bar. It is not necessary to vacuum fringes as often – when needed, use suction only.


If you're not sure if your rug needs a professional cleaning or not, call Steam Clean Express and we will arrange a free audit to estimate its condition!

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To ensure all carpets are cleaned to an optimum, Steam Clean Express use only truck-mounted steam cleaning systems operated by certified carpet cleaning technicians. We also employ the following 3 step cleaning procedure:  First, we prespray all carpets & chairs with a high quality cleaning solution, we then Steam Clean the carpets & chairs with fresh soft water (temperature range 210-230 F), and finally we apply fiber rinse neutralizer which helps keep the soil build-up to a minimum.  Less soil buildup means better looking carpets and less carpet wear. Please note we have just purchased a new truck mounted cleaning system.  State of the art technology offers more heat for the cleaning water, and greater suction, which equates to better over-all cleaning and drying time.

Steam Clean Express is fully insured and bonded and only uses certified technicians to do the actual carpet cleaning.  We are locally owned & operated, and have been doing business in Red Deer for 23 years.

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