Steam Clean Express: Frozen Water Pipe Prevention, March 8, 2017

Steam Clean Express: Frozen Water Pipe Prevention, March 8, 2017

Steam Clean Express: Frozen Water Pipe PreventionMarch 8, 2017

Does your home frequently suffer from frozen pipes and water damage? Take a step in the right direction and have the water damage cleanup team from Steam Clean Express provide the solutions you need. With over 20 years of experience in helping homeowners recover from unexpected storm or water damage, this Red Deer,AB company has built a reputation of dependability and efficiency for itself. No matter what the issue may be, clients know that they can count on Steam Clean Express emergency water damage services 24/7.

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Frozen pipes in a home can cause all sorts of damage if not properly resolved. After years of treating numerous problems, the specialists at All Care have a few pointers for homeowners on the preventative measures they can take to avoid major water damage:

  • Drain Water From Exterior Pipes & Hoses: It’s vital to ensure all water is drained out of pools, sprinkler systems and exterior valves to prevent freezing and bursting.
  • Insulate Water Supply Lines: If a water supply line is located in an unheated area, it has the potential to cause problems. Have an All Care expert show you where the water supply line may need extra insulation during their inspection.
  • Keep The Heat On: No matter what time of day it is, make sure your thermostat is set no lower than 15 degrees Celcius.


Sometimes your pipes will still freeze no matter the precautions you take. If this occurs and you have concerns, make an immediate appointment with our office at Steam Clean Express (403-340-9015). We will be able to walk you through the process of locating the problem area and safely thawing your pipes. Be prepared to have some way to apply heat to the frozen section of pipe, such as an electric heating pad or a portable space heater.

To ensure all carpets are cleaned to an optimum, Steam Clean Express use only truck-mounted steam cleaning systems operated by certified carpet cleaning technicians. We also employ the following 3 step cleaning procedure:  First, we prespray all carpets & chairs with a high quality cleaning solution, we then Steam Clean the carpets & chairs with fresh soft water (temperature range 210-230 F), and finally we apply fiber rinse neutralizer which helps keep the soil build-up to a minimum.  Less soil buildup means better looking carpets and less carpet wear. Please note we have just purchased a new truck mounted cleaning system.  State of the art technology offers more heat for the cleaning water, and greater suction, which equates to better over-all cleaning and drying time.

Steam Clean Express has recently been declared 1st runner up in the Red Deer Reader’s Choice awards for “Best Carpet Cleaner” 2014. We have been the winner or 1st runner up in the Red Deer Reader’s Choice awards for favorite carpet cleaner for the last 14 years in a row.