Soiling in Carpets Causes By Static Electricity In Red Deer, AB

Soiling in Carpets Causes By Static Electricity In Red Deer, AB

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The pictures above show the carpet of one of our customers this morning. Even after a thorough cleaning you can see dark spots on the white rug. Theses spots are actually not stains but a collection of dark lint that is stuck to the carpet causes by Static Electricity.


Static Electricity

Static electricity is an imbalance of electric charges within or on the surface of a material. The charge remains until it is able to move away by means of an electric current or electric discharge.

The problem of static electricity in commercial buildings and private homes is a relatively modern phenomenon. It represents an annoying source of painful electric shocks to both you and your visitors. In department stores for example it often generates complaints from customers, sometimes resulting in litigation. In a recent incident a cup of hot coffee was spilt on a child after the parent received a shock from a handrail in a department store café.

Uncontrolled static electricity can also cause chaos by interfering with computer systems and electronic point of sales (EPOS) equipment. In the most extreme cases it can even constitute a fire or explosion risk.


Electric Discharge Caused By Carpets

With carpet used in more homes, along with better insulation and heating, static electricity may be more noticeable. There are many variables such as the physiological makeup of an individual, weight, walking habits and even the type of shoe soles worn. It's affected by the face fiber of the carpet, construction of the carpet, the backing, type of cushion under the carpet and the kind of floor. The amount of moisture in the air and, consequently, the face yarns is a major factor in determining if someone is going to get shocked after walking over a carpet.


Collection of Lint on Carpets

Static can also serve as a natural magnet, attracting dirt and dust to carpet coatings, chemicals, and soil filtration lines.

Especially black lint from socks that gets attracted by carpets over a long period of time can cause heavy soiling like the picture above shows. Normal steam cleaning generally doesn’t pick up much of the lint, sometimes treating the rug with a lint brush does the trick! However, in most cases the lint is stuck to the carpet like glue!

The application of an antistatic agent can help preventing this phenomenon!Most antistatic agents applied to textiles function by increasing their rate of charge dissipation, although some agents also function by reducing the generation of static charge on the fiber. A variety of compounds and polymers have been used to impart static resistance to textiles. This is accomplished by either making the fibers more hydrophilic and thus more prone to dissipate static charge and/or by treating them with a good conductor or polyelectrolyte to achieve such an effect.


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