Guaranteed Pet Odor Removal In Red Deer




Guaranteed Pet Odor RemovalIf your pets have accidents on your carpets a normal carpet cleaning is not always enough to remove the stain and especially the odor.Sometimes urine can seep trough the backing of the carpet into the under pad. Often the stain in the under pad is twice as big as the visual stain on the carpet.A pretreatment with an urine-neutralizer that dissolves, neutralizes and dislodges alkaline salt residues with the help of HydroCide is absolutely necessary!Afterwards the contaminated area needs to be flushed thoroughly with fresh water and the help of a Water Claw.Additionally we offer the application of Bio-Modifier Extreme, an active solution with bacteria and special counteractants. These beneficial microorganisms multiply in the damp carpet and produce enzymes that digest any leftover odors, quickly and effectively.