DIY Carpet Cleaning vs. Professional Carpet Cleaning Services - Which is Best? Steam Clean Express, Red Deer, AB, March 2017

DIY Carpet Cleaning vs. Professional Carpet Cleaning Services - Which is Best? Steam Clean Express, Red Deer, AB, March 2017

Carpet cleaning

Clean and Protect Your Investment

Carpet cleaning services is something that may not be foremost in the minds of many homeowners. However, it is something that homeowners need to consider at some time or another. Upper end wall to wall carpeting is a huge investment. Most homeowners will want to take every precaution to protect that investment, and preserve carpet appearance and functionality for as long as possible.

Most homeowners may not be aware that every carpet manufacturer has strong recommendations for the care and maintenance of carpet. While most people vacuum their carpet regularly, many are not aware that daily vacuuming is recommended. Manufacturers also recommend professional carpet cleaning at least once per year; more often for high traffic and heavy soil conditions.

Unseen Soil is the Enemy

Why the emphasis on vacuuming and cleaning? Simply put, dirt is a carpet s worst enemy. Especially microscopic gritty soil, not visual, but present in the carpet, and causing damage with every footstep. Even microscopic soil particles have sharp edges that can cut carpet fibers.

When carpet is walked on, fibers are damaged and come loose. When emptying the bag or canister after vacuuming take note of the amount of fuzz mixed in with the dirt. The fuzz is actually the carpet going out the door, one bag at a time.

Carpet a Giant Air Filtering System

Carpeting is also the single most effective air filtering system in the home. Outside air is brought into the home through open windows and doors, and the HVAC system. It contains an assortment of contaminating particles; including soils, dust, pollen, bacteria, and other allergens.

When air is stilled inside the house structure, gravity settles the particles into the carpet. While food and beverage spills are the most visible types of soiling, it is the unseen settled soil particles that kill a carpet years before its time.

Which Method is Best?

What is the best way to clean carpet? Today s technology has yielded various methods as well as a specialized carpet cleaning machine for administering each. One of the most popular methods is using DIY carpet extractor machines - widely available for rental in grocery stores, or for consumer purchase in department stores. However, this method is usually a poor choice for several reasons.

Most rental or home machines have their brand name carpet cleaning solution for purchase. Since it is the untrained general public who use this type of machine, the solutions are formulated to be neutral ph, so that no damaging chemistry will result in its use. However, neutral ph detergents are extremely soapy. When used as directed they leave considerable residue that acts like a magnet; quickly re-soiling the carpet.

In order to effectively rinse away soap residue, cleaning should be followed by at least 2-3 clear hot water rinses. Unfortunately, rental and home machines put a lot of moisture into the carpet; their vacuum power is not sufficient to effectively extract it.

The result is an over-saturated carpet that takes days to dry. Over-saturated carpet can fall victim to mold and mildew. Carpet backing can de-laminate, resulting in premature death of the carpet. And damp carpet promotes quick re-soiling in traffic areas.

A Professional Carpet Cleaner Your Best Bet

The best bet for prudent homeowners is to take advantage of the services of a trained professional, using commercial carpet cleaning equipment. The best, most thorough method of cleaning recommended by carpet manufacturers is truck mount steam cleaning. There are also various low moisture methods of professional carpet cleaning available; especially desirable for in-between deep steam cleaning. As well as in moisture-sensitive environments, such as a library or museum.

While some homeowners may balk at professional carpet cleaning prices, professional carpet care services are well worth the investment; insuring many years of attractiveness, durability, and extended carpet life.


Call Steam Clean Express to book in your next carpet cleaning appointment in Red Deer!

To ensure all carpets are cleaned to an optimum, Steam Clean Express use only truck-mounted steam cleaning systems operated by certified carpet cleaning technicians. We also employ the following 3 step cleaning procedure:  First, we prespray all carpets & chairs with a high quality cleaning solution, we then Steam Clean the carpets & chairs with fresh soft water (temperature range 210-230 F), and finally we apply fiber rinse neutralizer which helps keep the soil build-up to a minimum.  Less soil buildup means better looking carpets and less carpet wear. Please note we have just purchased a new truck mounted cleaning system.  State of the art technology offers more heat for the cleaning water, and greater suction, which equates to better over-all cleaning and drying time.

Steam Clean Express is fully insured and bonded and only uses certified technicians to do the actual carpet cleaning.  We are locally owned & operated, and have been doing business in Red Deer for 23 years.

I look forward to discussing the contract in more detail at your convenience.


Dan Beauchamp Owner/Operator


** Steam Clean Express has recently been declared 1st runner up in the Red Deer Reader’s Choice awards for “Best Carpet Cleaner” 2014. We have been the winner or 1st runner up in the Red Deer Reader’s Choice awards for favorite carpet cleaner for the last 14 years in a row.

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