Carpet Cleaning Tip: How To Remove Candle Wax From Carpets, Sylvan Lake, AB

Carpet Cleaning Tip: How To Remove Candle Wax From Carpets, Sylvan Lake, AB

Candle Wax Removal                            


(Supplies needed: BROWN PAPER BAG and IRON)

·         Break off any large pieces before applying any heat.

·         Cut piece of PAPER BAG larger than the wax spill and place over the area.

·         With IRON on high setting, run the iron over the bag with short strokes.

·         As the wax melts into the paper rotate the bag to continue absorbing the wax.

·         Continue until no more wax melts into the bag.



Other Rug Tips

VACUUM weekly: Use upholstery attachment (or canister vacuum) when possible, running the head WITH the grain of the pile (not against it).  If using an upright vacuum, put the beater bar setting on normal or high, and run side to side (so you don’t suck up fringe).

WASH recommendations:  Rugs under normal (not heavy) use are to be cleaned every two years.  Entry rugs, rugs in rooms with children/pets/allergy sufferers, can be cleaned annually.  Rugs vacuumed weekly with moderate foot traffic can be cleaned every three years.

 Use PADS for rugs on hard floors.  They lessen wear, keep rugs in place, and deter insects.


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