Call your Carpet Cleaner Steam Clean Express In Case of Flooding, Red Deer

Call your Carpet Cleaner Steam Clean Express In Case of Flooding, Red Deer



Almost 70% of property damage involves water – through broken pipes, natural flooding, sewer backups or after a fire. Water can cause extensive damage and pose a serious threat to building structures, interior furnishings, important documents and prized belongings. Additionally, mold can begin growing within 48 hours, and mold growth and related bacteria and allergens can result in serious long-term health issues.

It is important that water damage is dealt with promptly and professionally!

Heavy snowfall followed by subsequent thawing is a regular issue across Canada. Last winter, one homeowner had recently refinished her basement, only to have snows melt so quickly that her sump pump was unable to keep up. The newly finished basement was under 5 inches of water.



The technicians from Steam Clean Express worked to remove the water and prevent further flooding, got the basement dry enough to begin restoration over the course of a weekend, and had the basement back to normal within a month.

Our technicians are Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) certified. We have over 40 locations across the country, an employee base of over 1,100, with the largest inventory of specialty restoration equipment in Canada.

Every situation is unique, but time is always of the essence. We are always ready to mobilize with speed and professionalism.


Call Steam Clean Express at 403-340-9015 in case of flooding, we offer 24/7 Emergency Service!